CDP Training Academy

 CDP Training Academy is a resource for nonprofit organizations and professionals to learn more about nonprofit organizational development.  Attend the Academy to explore how to get a nonprofit started, keep it going and build toward the future.   Or sharpen your skills as a nonprofit practitioner by learning different aspects of nonprofit organizational development. 

CDP is here to be part of your journey.  Below is the list of courses currently offered.  New courses will be frequently added so check back often to see new offerings. See course descriptions below.

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Course Descriptions

Advanced Grant Writing
This session covers the ins and outs of building a case statement, outlining objectives and outcomes and persuading a funder, hitting both the head and the heart. This workshop is designed to increase a nonprofit's success in seeking funding through grants and builds on the information presented in Grant Writing Basics.

Board Basics
Participants will be introduced to the governing Board’s role & spell out responsibilities with regard to strategic planning, fundraising, resource development and image development.  Participants will identify next steps to strengthen the impact of their Board on the organization.

Board Evaluation
Participants will complete CDPs board evaluation tool to get an assessment of the effectiveness of the board. Participants will identify next steps to strengthen the health of the board.

Branding your Nonprofit
Explore how to develop a strategic approach to branding your nonprofit. Learn how to move beyond the visual identify of name, logo and graphic design to create greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion.

Compassion Fatigue
This webinar explores the concept of compassion fatigue - what is and how it impacts nonprofit professionals. Participants will learn how to recognize the symptoms, avoid fatigue by maintaining balance and perspective and ways to integrate self-care strategies into their daily routines to avoid burnout. 

Cultural Competency in the Workplace
Participants will explore the significance of cultural competency and its relevance in the work environment. Participants will learn how to respond respectfully and effectively to people of different cultures, languages, classes, races, religions, and other diversity factors in a manner that recognizes, affirms, and values their worth.

Difficult Personalities in the Workplace
Participants will learn how to effectively identify different personalities in the workplace that might be difficult. We will identify what behaviors they are demonstrating, how it impacts the workplace, what rule/boundary is being violated, and how to address it.

Donor Development: Developing the Strategy
Discover how to outline a strategy to effectively develop donors over time. This workshop will cover the donor development process from initial engagement through investment. 

Effective Performance Evaluations
Participants will learn about how to effectively do performance evaluations for your organization.  

Exploring Public Funding 
Participants will explore public funding: where it comes from within the government, how and when the amounts are determined and what the funding goes toward.

Forming A Nonprofit In 5 Easy Steps
Attend this webinar to learn the five steps necessary to start a new 501-C-3 nonprofit corporation. Participants will learn the how-to’s of getting a new nonprofit corporation started and how to move the organization forward.

Grant Writing Basics
Attend this session to learn the basics of how to write grants, when to write grants and what projects are best paired with grant funding. This session is perfect for beginners or those looking for a refresher. 

Mastering the Ask
Participants will learn how to close the sale for new donors. Participants will discover how to overcome the fear of the "ask" and how to relate to different personality types when seeking donations from individuals businesses and grantors. 

Motivating Underpaid Staff
Workshop participants will be introduced to eight key ways to motivate employees to reduce turnover, improve service and stimulate productivity.

Navigating Workplace Politics
This workshop walks participants through the complexities of workplace politics. Participants will explore personalities, core values and the pursuit of power, prestige, status or influence and how these three components together impact the workplace environment.

Nonprofit Organizational Development
Participants will be introduced to the six areas that comprise a non-profit organization: Legalities, Board Governance, Image Management, Resource Development, Strategic Planning and Program Impact. Participants will identify next steps to strengthen the health of their nonprofit.

Organization Evaluation
Participants will complete CDP’s Organization Evaluation Tool to get an assessment of the health of the nonprofit in the six areas of Legalities, Board Governance, Image Development, Resource Development, Strategic Planning and Program Development. Participants will identify next steps to strengthen the health of their non-profit.

Personalities in the Workplace
Participants will complete a personality test and identify best practices for communicating with other personality types in the workplace.

Planning Your Next Fundraiser
Learn how to choose the right event for your organization, set appropriate goals, and organize the event using a timeline, committees and assigned tasks. 

Putting Your Plan To Paper
Get a step-by-step guide to develop an effective plan for your organization. Whether you need a plan to guide the vision and mission or one to accomplish a task, you’ll discover how to pull a team together, brainstorm effectively, develop the vision and articulate a plan that can be implemented.

Running An Effective Meeting
Designed to get the most out of a meeting. Learn how to set and stick to an agenda, take effective minutes and plan the call to action. Includes a review of Roberts' Rule of Order.

Strategic Planning 101
Participants will learn how to plan strategically by defining a strategy or direction for their organization and making decisions on how to pursue this strategy. 

Telling the Story
Everyone has a story. Participants will get tips to tell their story effectively by sharing the impact of their organization on the community and those they serve.

Understanding Budgets
Participants will be introduced to the basics of non-profit budgeting, including key financial terms and steps for effective budgeting.

Volunteer Recruitment & Management 
 Focuses on how to recruit and retain volunteers, record keeping for volunteers, and the role of volunteers in nonprofit organizations.